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How To Find A Qualified Carpet Installer?

For many homeowners, finding a qualified carpet installer can be challenging. Especially when you factor in some carpet installation jobs are more difficult than others and require hiring a more experienced installer to get the job done properly. 


For example, installing expensive carpet in a custom home requires much more expertise than does installing apartment-grade carpet in a rental unit. 


Of course everyone wants his or her carpet to be installed correctly, and hiring an installer with minimum of 5 years experience is where I would draw the line with a simple installation job. 


So, if you buy a good quality carpet or your installation job is more difficult or tricky, than you must hire an installer with more experience. I think it takes at least 10 years before a carpet installer can truly begin to master their trade. 



Hiring a Carpet or Flooring Installer


As with any trade, some installers are just not worth hiring. In fact, the real good installers are the hardest to find. They often have a busy schedule due to a great word-of-mouth reputation. 


These professionals may not need to advertise in order to keep busy, so the only way to find them may only be through someone who knows them or who has hired them in the past. 


Hiring a Certified Carpet installer is a good way to go and there is a website that you can visit that have lists of Certified installers. Click here and enter your zip code to Locate a CFI Certified Flooring Installer near you. You can also call the CFI main office for a recommendation at (816) 231-4646


Ask your friends, relatives or co-workers who they would recommend. Even if an installer comes recommended, it does not mean the installer is qualified to install your carpet. How to Verify Contractors License



Verify Contractors License and Check References


Retail carpet stores generally will not allow you to hire their "in-house" installers unless you buy the carpet from them. Many carpet retailers have a difficult time finding and keeping good installers. 


The best carpet installers keep busy due to their good reputation. Some carpet dealers have a list of local installers you can ask for. Some installers are listed on Craigslist, but you must be very cautious and be sure to check references and verify license, bond and insurance matters. 


There are several basic questions you must ask every installer before you hire them or let them install your carpet. 


Learn about Carpet Installation Cost

Learn How To Find a Qualified Carpet Installer

All State Verify Contractor License Requirements / Workers Compensation



Home Depot and Lowe's Carpet Installation Specials


By now most homeowners have seen the commercials or heard about Home Depot or Lowe's carpet installation specials that offer discounted carpet installation for just $37 or even Free Basic Carpet Installation. While this certainly sounds like a great way to save money, it's the fine print you need to read before you get too excited.  What is their definition of Basic Carpet Installation?


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