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How To Buy Carpet and Flooring Wisely


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Carpet Professor


It is important that you buy the right flooring product. If you want to learn from an expert, I can help you. First, forget everything you think you already know about carpet and flooring. Next, read everything I have posted on my website.


For obvious reasons, I can't suggest a particular brand of carpet for you, and not every carpet store carries the same brands. Some stores carry Mohawk, some carry Shaw. Some carry both. There are many carpet brands to choose from and some carpet manufacturers are better than others. Here is a list of carpet mill brand names their websites and contact information.


If you are unclear about what grade of carpet to select, my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test will help you get started in the right direction.


About Me?

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can understand why I am here to help you make wise and informed carpet buying choices. I am a third generation Carpet Professional and trusted consumer advocate since 1998. I retired after 30 years in the flooring business. Now I enjoy helping folks choose wisely and save money. I've always loved helping people with their flooring needs and that's what I'll be doing now, but without the pressure of a deadline or having to worry about making payroll.


  • I retired in 2006 after 30 years in the Carpet business and I no longer sell or install Carpet. 

  • My father was a WW2 Army veteran and after the war, he got a job as a carpet salesperson at a local carpet / flooring company in Portland Oregon, (also where he met my mother). Later my father landed a job as a carpet mill rep with Berven Carpets of California and kept that job for over 35 years. 

  • My grandfather also sold carpet, but mainly area rugs and furniture. 

  • My uncle George operated a local carpet store in Eugene, Oregon for over 40 years. 

  • My Brother and Aunt also worked in the carpet business for many years.  

  • All throughout my life, carpet and flooring has been the main topic of discussion at the dinner table.


From the age of 18 in 1977, I was fortunate enough to be apprenticed and trained by several industry experts and master flooring mechanics in all aspects of the carpet and flooring industry. 


I learned all about installing carpet and flooring products and how well they perform over time. This is the key to my information and advice I provide to my readers! I now enjoy educating homeowners about how to choose new Carpet wisely by offering my free Carpet buying information & advice.


My Driving Force...


During my 30+ years in the Carpet and Flooring business, I became very alarmed at the large number of dishonest Carpet and Flooring dealers I encountered. So many carpet store owners and their hired salespeople were prone to lie, cheat and deceive homeowners just to "close" the sale. They did not seem to care if the homeowner selected to right grade of carpet.


In 1998 finally decided that I wanted to do something to make a difference and began educating homeowners about how to choose new carpet wisely, how to save the most money and how to avoid getting ripped off. 


Alan Fletcher



Alan Fletcher began his career as a flooring installation apprentice in 1977 at a local flooring shop in Milwaukie, Oregon. After more than 5 years of learning the trade and working with three master craftsman, Alan formed his own flooring sales and installation company in 1982. 


From 1982 to 2007, Alan owned and operated a Carpet & Floor Covering sales & contracting business serving both residential and commercial clients from Oregon, Washington, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.


With wisdom and experience handed down from his father, a carpet mill rep for over 35 years, Alan amassed extensive Carpet and Flooring product knowledge far beyond the typical flooring installer. Alan also had the unique benefit from learning the tricks of the trade from three master craftsman and then adding years of first-hand installation experience with practically every type of carpet and flooring product. 


Alan has earned his extensive experience from selling and installing Carpet and Flooring in hundreds custom homes, commercial properties, hospitals, retirement homes, institutional facilities and thousands of apartment complexes for over three decades. 


Alan Fletcher is also the author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide, an ebook and is frequently called upon by industry professionals, trade publications and local and national media professionals to comment and respond to current carpet and floorcovering market trends. 


Now retired from doing carpet and flooring sales and installations, Alan enjoys helping homeowners through his free unbiased carpet information websites. 


Alan firmly believes that every homeowner deserves free and complete access to accurate and honest Carpet buying information. For this reason Alan has devoted over 23 years as a consumer advocate and continues to provide free unbiased Carpet buying advice to homeowners nationwide.

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