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After 30+ years in the business, I'm sharing my knowledge and experience with homeowners who want to choose wisely, avoid scams and get qualified installs from a reputable dealer.


Howtobuycarpet.com - How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

"How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro"


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I'm looking for Locally-Owned & Reputable Carpet Dealers to recommend to my readers!

I'm Alan Fletcher, a consumer advocate, author and trusted person of influence in the Carpet Business. Millions of homeowners have come to trust my unbiased carpet buying information and advice. I want every homeowner to get a fair & square deal on new carpet and flooring. That's what the AbcCarpets.com Carpet Information Network is all about.


Last year I received over a million page-views from highly motivated homeowners searching the Internet for honest carpet information and advice. These folks are not window shoppers who hope to buy new carpet some day... These are serious shoppers who will be buying new carpet in the very near future! The question is... will they be buying new carpet from you or from the big home improvement warehouse down the street?



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