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Alan J. Fletcher

Author / Speaker / Trainer



Alan J. Fletcher is talking to Landlords and Property Managers about FLOORING COSTS. 

He knows how to help landlords save big money on carpet and vinyl replacement and repair expenses. He is a 30-year veteran of the flooring business and author of Flooring Solutions for Rental Properties

Anyone who owns or manages rental property will be delighted to discover the secrets, tips, tricks and methods to saving money on rental flooring costs. Available to speak at meetings and conventions, Alan will reveal "10 strategic ways to reduce flooring expenses". 

His presentations are designed to inform and enlighten landlords, train maintenance personnel and property management professionals to the many ways possible to saving money on carpet and vinyl flooring replacements and repairs including:


  • Best Flooring Material Selection

  • Preventative Maintenance Strategies

  • Maintenance Personnel Training

  • 101 Ways to reduce flooring replacement and repair costs

  • How to communicate effectively with vendors and contractors

  • How to keep from being overcharged for material and labor

  • And more…



For more information contact:

Alan J. Fletcher

You can email me at Alan@abccarpets.com or call me at -  5 O 3 / 7O9-3632.

email: Alan@Landlordfloors.com

Website: www.Landlordfloors.com